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Don’t settle for anything less than what you want

“There is no passion to be found in playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” — Nelson Mandela Are you playing full out in life? Are you playing full out sometimes and holding back at other times? Are you not playing at all? [...]

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Recognizing the Value of Every Person

When you take a moment to really listen to another person, hear their story and connect with them, it can be an amazing experience. The problem in today’s world is we are all moving at an extremely rapid pace and it can be difficult to find time to have a good conversation with someone new. [...]

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What is the law of attraction?

There are several natural laws by which we are all bound, and the law of attraction is just one of these. These laws definitely exist- you can see the law of gravity (another natural law) in action every time you drop something and watch it fall to the floor! The law of attraction works by [...]

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Positive vs. Negative Thought Vibrations

Positive thought vibrations are generated from good feelings, such as: -Joy -Love -Excitement -Abundance (of anything that causes a positive response) -Pride -Comfort -Confidence -Affection On the other hand, negative thought vibrations are generated from negative feelings, such as: -Disappointment -Loneliness -Lack (of any of life’s necessities or luxuries) -Sadness -Confusion -Stress -Anger -Hurt Want [...]

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6 reasons why you may not achieve results using the law of attraction

Why Isn’t The Law of Attraction Working For You? The law of attraction definitely works- it is a proven system for manifesting whatever you want into your life. The basic principles are to simply state your goals or desires (intentions), focus on them with feeling, believe that they are on their way to you and [...]

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What Makes Optimism Work?

Can Optimism Change Your Outlook

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The law of attraction first steps

You may want to practice by first trying to manifest something small, such as a parking space. Next time you need to park somewhere where parking is limited, try this. First, think of something that brings you strong emotions and feelings of happiness, such as a relationship, special memory or your pet. Keep thinking about [...]

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What you can learn from Dr. Suess

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” — Dr. Seuss Do you ever feel like you have to mask or disguise the “true you”? I’m talking about feeling completely comfortable in your own skin and accepting yourself for all of your [...]

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Competence Is a Valuable Tool

Do you have the competency to better your daily living and overall humane existence, or do you lack this character?

An individual with competence will take what they learn and utilize it to improve their life.

A joyous individual will consider every incident, experience and so forth in life as something they may learn from;

as well this individual won’t allow the bad to weigh him or her down.

The individual will take the bad; see new light and continue to learn from his or her errors.

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How Beneficial is Goal Setting?

The benefits associated with goal setting do not only accrue to the professionals.

To succeed in life, goal setting is paramount.

Each and every successful person acknowledges the weight of goal setting.

Successful lawyers, athletes and doctors have in one way or another set goal in their lives.

Another benefit that accrues to goal setting is that goals act as vision.

A vision that enables that you see yourself.

A vision that gives you energy and passion and propels you forward as you work harder and harder towards your ultimate goal.

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