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The Power Of Focus

We all love to achieve our goals, and I suppose most of us experience some twinge of envy when someone gets something that we want too. What have they done that we didn’t? Why should they have all the luck? It’s lovely to blame luck because then we can absolve ourselves of responsibility for not [...]

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The Quickest Way To Achieve Goals

Achievement of major goals takes a long time and due to this reason, many people tend to divert from actually achieving their goals.

To achieve your goals:

You must be able to read yourself and your mind clearly. Be specific in your goal.

Motivate yourself. Remind yourself often of what you want to achieve.

Proper planning is essential to achieve a goal.

As they say, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

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Be Confident In Yourself

Have Confidence in What You Do

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Thought vibrations and the law of attraction

The emotional energy we give out in the form of thoughts is referred to as a vibration. Our thoughts are only powerful when they are connected to emotions. This is just as well, as we can have many thousands of different thoughts each day, but most are only fleeting so do not contain any emotional [...]

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Don’t let past failures determine your future

Listen, it’s simple. The past is nothing more than your memories. The future is nothing more than your imagination. Memories and imagination are functions of your mind. So if you want to stop reacting to the past in negative ways, and you want to stop worrying about the future – change your mind! Make pictures [...]

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New Motivation For Your Life

New motivation for your life

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Step One For Getting Over Fears

If it acts as any sort of consolation to you, everyone has some or the other fear in their lives.

In most people, this fear culminates into a phobia, an extreme paranoia about something.

And, in most cases, such fears and phobias are unjustified. Whatever it is that you are afraid of, it is highly likely that that particular thing does not deserve the fear.

Fear is a highly subjective thing. You may be fearful of something to a very extreme degree, but there will always be several other people who do not have any fear of that thing.

Keep this thing in mind; it will help you a lot. You can seek inspiration from the many people around you and you will get some motivation, or at least some courage that such a thing is possible.

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Make your own digital affirmations

There are more than enough personal development books that talk about the power of affirmations. I am not here to argue the validity or the science behind affirmations. What I will say is that from my own personal experiences, when you repeat a set of instructions to yourself over and over again, you eventually start [...]

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Understanding stress

Because stress can be endured over a period of time without the individual truly becoming aware of it or by them simply accepting it as part of their lives, one of the most important aspects of stress management is to take those first positive steps towards making key changes as this will then create the [...]

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Learn from a role model

Find someone who is already living and producing results at a level you admire and aspire towards. They could be an author, speaker, actor, blogger, professor it doesn’t really matter. The key is to study these people. Read books or articles they have written a number of times. Study their mannerisms when they speak or [...]

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