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The Power of a Positive Mental Attitude

If you have a positive attitude, you will find it much easier to manifest your desires, as you will be naturally giving out positive emotional thought vibrations which will attract positive things to you. Even if you are not consciously trying to manifest something, your positive attitude will naturally attract more things to be positive [...]

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Don’t WHAT-IF Yourself to Death

If you are the kind of person who has goals, ambitions, dreams and big ideas for your life, then you know that taking risks is an essential component of success. Lou Buscaglia said, “The person who risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing, is nothing, and becomes nothing. He may avoid suffering and sorrow, but he [...]

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Learn to Live in the Now

Living in the now means fully appreciating and savoring the moment. For example, if you are taking a walk, look closely at the plants and flowers you pass; feel their soft leaves, inhale their gentle aroma and look at the subtle tones of color. Feel the soft gentle breeze against your face. Involve all of [...]

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When Not To Give Up

Persistence Is Key

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3 Ways to Deal with the Pressure in Your Life

Everyone around us has to deal with a great deal of pressure in their lives. We are all teeming under it

we are trying at every moment to do something better with our lives so that we do not have to face all these difficulties.

The following are some ways in which you can deal with the chronic pressure in your life.

Participate in sports.
Follow the passion in your life, your hobby
Meditation is something that works too.

Each of these ways can profoundly help you in controlling the pressure in your life. Do not neglect them incorporate them in your life and see the difference for yourself, especially if continuous stress and pressure are problems with you.

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15 confidence building tips

Struggling? Remember that most successful people found success out of problems and struggles. Maybe this moment is YOUR BIG OPPORTUNITY? If you are working on big plans for your life, there is a very good chance that you are going to face obstacle after obstacle. Life IS persistence and your ability to persist will ultimately [...]

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Your Goals Can Be Achieved One Step at a Time

When people think about personal development and improving themselves, there are usually two reactions.

The desire to move on and to progress towards a life goal, or the fear of the unknown and procrastination.

Personal Development does take time and effort and sometimes there is a financial cost involved.

It is important to remember that personal development is not about achieving perfection.

You will be pleasantly surprised how quickly you will progress towards your life goals if you take the steps one at a time, but with the end goal in mind.

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Are You Noticing The Details?

Taking notice of what is around you

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Who is the real you?

Whenever you say “I am this or that” the implication is that there is something else that is not you. Just for today, be aware of where you begin and end. Ask yourself if you could physically exist without the air. Or the sun. Or gravity. How about a plant-free planet? When you eat an [...]

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Books enrich us

For all our modern technology, you still can’t beat a good book, I say. I do here confess it, I’m a bibliophile. Call me old fashioned, quaint or any darn thing you like, but I love those documents. Weighty tomes they may be, but there’s something about the concerted thoughts of another human being, all [...]

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